Whether you need personal or business insurance it is important to find the right level of cover. There are so many exclusions and exceptions in the underwriting of policies that it can be difficult to know what they all mean and whether they apply to you.

Did you know that the rebuild value of your home isn’t the same as the market value? Many people don’t understand this when looking for home insurance and end up taking out cover much higher or lower than is actually required. This can result in paying more than you need for your policy or having your policy completely invalidated because you haven’t selected a high enough level of cover.

If you work from home this will affect your home insurance and if you don’t make this clear when you take out the policy then you could risk problems if you need to make a claim.

Business insurance can be just as complicated. Understanding the difference between professional indemnity, public liability and employee liability and knowing which you need can be confusing. Combined or package policies may cover multiple areas but do they provide the right levels of cover?

It can be extremely time consuming searching for policies and deciding which is best for your needs. ABIS can help make this whole process much easier. We have a vast knowledge of the insurance industry, work with some of the leading insurance providers and understand the different policies and products on the market. We can check the exclusions and warranties and confirm which policies are underwritten to best suit your needs.


You’ll find working with us stress and hassle free compared to trying to search for the best insurance policies yourself. We can identify which products are most suited and reasonably priced for your needs.

You can avoid having to try and decipher all the small print in a policy. We understand the technical terms and industry jargon and can summarise each policy for you. This not only saves you time but also gives you peace of mind that the level of cover is suitable.

You’re probably visiting our site as a result of a referral or recommendation. That’s the way most of our clients find us. This is a testimonial to the level of service we provide. Our clients are so pleased with the service they receive that they recommend us to their friends, family and business associates.

Part of what makes us stand out is our attention to detail. We can check your current insurance policies to make sure there are no issues or gaps that could potentially invalidate them. This helps us identify any cover that is not sufficient and any areas where you don’t have cover at all. From this we can help you find more suitable products or policies that provide the missing cover.

Going the extra mile for you is our pleasure. We have an “open door” policy when it comes to clients contacting us. Whatever your dilemma or requirement we are always happy to take the time to help or advise. We’ll also maintain contact with you to ensure your circumstances haven’t changed in a way that will affect your insurance needs.

Making a claim can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the process. We are happy to ease the stress by providing guidance throughout. We can ensure you get through to the correct department and speak to the decision makers when necessary.

Want a stress free, professional service from a friendly and approachable, experienced team? We can give you access to the best insurance products on offer and advise you on all aspects of your insurance needs.