Can I get financial services advice from ABIS?

ABIS has close links with very well established and well respected Independent Financial Advisors and can provide the necessary contact details on request.

Can I get a mortgage through ABIS?

ABIS has close links with several well established mortgage brokers with great track records and is happy to give the necessary contact details on request.

Does it cost me money to get a quotation?

All quotations and advice are given free of charge. For further information on fees can be found on the Terms of Business page.

Can I pay monthly by direct debit?

All our policies can be paid for by direct debit via the various schemes ABIS has in place. Remember though that if payments are not made in the agreed timeframes and for whatever reason, cover can be cancelled and cancellation fees will be charged.

How else can I pay for my insurance?

Cheque, Credit/Debit Card, BACS Transfer or Cash

How quickly can I get cover?

In almost all cases, cover can be put in place very quickly subject to all the required supporting documentation from the policyholder being available and a satisfactory method of payment being agreed.

What happens if I cancel my cover midway through the term of the policy?

This can be done so long as all requested documentation is returned to ABIS in a timely fashion. ABIS will always make a charge for midterm cancellations to cover the administration costs and any commissions or fees due back to the insurer.

What do I do if I need to make a claim?

The correct number for notifying your insurance company that you need to claim is in your policy documentation. ABIS encourages clients to take ownership of their own claim in order to save time and get things resolved in the quickest way possible. ABIS is always on hand to assist when things start to go wrong or maybe slow down for any number of reasons. When necessary ABIS will intervene and use it’s access to claims departments and managers in order to get things moving again and ensure your claim is settled as quickly as possible.